At Sun National Title Company,  we make closing on your Real Estate transaction smooth and equitable.  We do everything possible to accomodate needs of our buyers.  From taking the time to fully explain your closing documents at the settlement table,  to sending a mobile closer to your location, if you are unable to attend closing.

The first thing that  a buyer does is place an earnest money deposit into an Escrow Account at Sun National Title Company.  This money gets credited to you at closing on the settlement statement.  If your closing is less than 3 weeks away you will have to wire your earnest money deposit.  If it more than 3 weeks away,  a regular check will be fine.

When it comes time for closing,  you or your lender will have to wire the balance of funds to our escrow account.

You will need to bring with you a government issued ID card, such as a drivers license.

If you cannot be present at our office for the closing, we can either send a mobile notary to your location or send you the closing documents via email or overnight delivery.  You will have to sign your closing documents in front of a Notary Public and overnight them back to us.

If there is anything that we can do to make your closing faster or easier for you, please dont hesitate to ask.  We love happy customers.

Congrats on your purchase!