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  • Dennis Egan, Sun National Title

How Title Insurance Protects Builders & Developers.

Title Insurance For Builders


At Sun National Title, we understand the critical role that title insurance plays in safeguarding real estate developers throughout the lifecycle of their projects. Title insurance serves as a crucial shield against unforeseen risks that could threaten the ownership and financial investments associated with a property.

During the development phase, real estate developers encounter numerous challenges and complexities. From acquiring land to obtaining necessary permits and approvals, each step in the process carries potential risks that could jeopardize the project's success. One of the most significant risks involves title defects, which could include errors or discrepancies in public records, undisclosed heirs claiming ownership, Fraudulent Transactions or unresolved liens against the property.

Title insurance from Sun National Title provides developers with comprehensive protection against these risks. By conducting thorough research and examination of public records, our experienced team identifies any potential issues before they can escalate into costly problems. This proactive approach not only helps in preventing delays but also ensures that developers can proceed with confidence, knowing their investments are secure.

In the event that a title issue arises after the property is purchased, Sun National Title's insurance policies provide coverage for legal fees, settlement costs, and even loss of value due to title defects. This coverage is essential for developers who need to protect their financial interests and maintain project momentum without unexpected disruptions.

Furthermore, title insurance from Sun National Title remains effective for as long as the developer or their heirs maintain an interest in the property. This perpetual coverage provides long-term peace of mind, allowing developers to focus on their core business activities without the looming threat of unforeseen title issues.

In conclusion, title insurance is not just a safeguard—it's a strategic investment that protects real estate developers from potential liabilities and financial losses. At Sun National Title, we are committed to supporting developers throughout every stage of their projects, ensuring smooth transactions and minimizing risks. Contact us today to learn more about how our comprehensive title insurance solutions can benefit your next real estate development endeavor. Together, we can build a secure future for your investments.


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